Vadis Odjidja will occur Tuesday afternoon, accompanied by a lawyer, and clubvertegenwoordiger to defend the disputes committee of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association), to a suspension of three days is to be avoided. That is in line with the buffaloes on Tuesday.

The captain of the AA Ghent on Sunday on the pitch of Zulte Waregem, belgium (2-2) is directly ruled out once he was on the grass, his Lives Larin aantrapte. For “brutal error that Odjidja-the physical integrity of his opponent in danger” requires bondsprocureur William Wagner, a three days suspension and 3 000. The bekermatch at Brussels on Wednesday and the matches played against KV Kortrijk and Club Brugge were threatening with him over it.

However, AA Gent pick up in the latter part, and it will be a proposal for a friendly settlement of the Tuesday before the complaints board to dispute. If there is a suspension only at a rapid pace, so Odjidja, now all speelgerechtigd for a confrontation with Brussels in the sixteenth-finals of the Croky Cup. The risk of a suspension, during the Battle of Flanders, it is also a bit bigger.

as well as the suspension progresses through Her, also, a fine of 3,000 euros.

Photos: BELGA < / P> Bondsparket requires a three match suspension for a Amat

The public prosecutor’s office of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association), has on Monday, three days suspension and a € 3,000 fine, was claimed as a out of court settlement for Jordi Amat. The Spanish defender of the Three was Sunday, and immediately red look at the Standard.

finally, The Panda’s were at the Sclessin of the bowl to the floor drain. In a 3-0 position, the red lantern, in a minute, and 83 have been reduced to ten players in the game. Amat was going on in a battle and planted his studs on the ankle of the French fullback Gavory, who has been injured at the end though. Referee Brad Just gave him a second yellow card, but it was his decision to go back and cut is still straight red.

Except Three of the strafvorstel refuse to take it, Amat is suspended for the bekermatch in the Floor (25/09), the kelderkraker against Cercle Brugge (28/09) and the ” home against KV Mechelen (05/10).

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