the AA Gent midfielder Vadis Odjidja was on Tuesday acquitted of all charges-for his red card against Zulte Waregem. However, it was the bondsparket a stay of three days is requested. “Even in a conditional penalty could be severe”, grumbled the lawyer, Sébastien Town.

The Bondsparket insisted on his prosecution of three days and 3,000 euros. Odjidja was given a red card, as he is in the team’s Essevee-striker Larin, the calf ran, and even from the back, and struck. “Something like that, it may not be acceptable. There was clear contact with studs on Odjidja in the linkerkuit from Larin. After that, there is still an additional contact, if the opponent is already on the ground,” said bondsprocureur, Chris Vanden Bossche.

Odjidja allowed himself to be assisted by a master Town. “For three days, which is the same as what is Amat for his red card against the Standard. For the term “brutal error” is not the same. But the two stages next to each other, and that is enough with the raisins compare to it,” said the lawyer, with a touch. “We were surprised by the criminal, and three days is too much. There is even a half load. This was a classic example of a battle. The studs schampen Larins in the calves and a little bit of that, but that it ought to be for the game of football. Such a phase, which occurs every week.”

in its defence, pulled the Town is also the inspiration of the scheidsrechtersverslag. Wim de Smet realized that the contribution of the VAR is not needed, because it says that Odjidja only had to hit the ball, the ball and tried to play and due to its closed-position, on the Larin couldn’t find out where his leg was’. It wasn’t a head-on attack, it is not excessive, the duel, and not straight leg. Larin gave up after that, it is just a little push it was. And for that to happen, however, as a player, the opponent is going to be rushed. The value here will not be allowed to intervene. The red card was too harsh, so the suspension is going to be there all the way across. Even a conditional, it would be too heavy. I ask with confidence for the discharge.”

“Just a duel”

Odjidja took of himself the last word. “I just wanted to play ball, and certainly had no intention to put him on the calf to be hit. It was just a normal duel. Well, I think I have heel schampte, by the way. I do have my apology.”

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