The ad is a real crush… Before you know it you should have asked if there was a coffee maker or why the apartment doesn’t look like the ad at all. To prevent your holidays from turning into a nightmare, a certain number of precautions must be taken… And this means not buying renting the first property you see for fear of “letting it pass”.

To help you spend the most relaxing and serene summer holidays possible, Planet asked Abritel, a site specializing in booking seasonal rentals. According to the experts, one thing is certain: “The more a stay is prepared in advance, the more the holidaymaker will be sure to find what he expects on site”. In our slideshow below, the specialists entrust us with the five questions to absolutely ask your interlocutor before renting a house.

During our exchange, Abritel thought it important to remind vacationers of some basic rules so that they did not have any unpleasant surprises on arrival: