know Who uses Netflix often, the diversity of feelings that may trigger the Streaming Portal and that is before you start a movie at all. Because Netflix offers endless opportunities for relaxation, like a virtual candy store, but it has at the same time, a labyrinthine user interface. The movies and TV shows to watch has already started to be displayed at the very top, very bottom, somewhere – just like the list of those who wanted to remember for later. For this you get pushy, see what other like (what!?), self-starting Trailer for horror movies (thank you) and already watched movies the proposal, watch it again (what the hell). The search categories is in vain. In a time in which every little Development room for Apps throws the tag Usability around, Netflix is consistently capricious.

horror movies, the in the deep-water play

Julia Bähr

editor in the features section.

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But there are solutions on the Internet, where else? There lists, to facilitate the search for the preferred Genres are circulating: Each category has a numerical code. If you are appending to the Netflix URL /browse/genre/ and the corresponding Code, you end up on the appropriate selection. The Genres are classic: action, Comedy, Western, Sci-Fi Thriller. Some of the entries in the lists, look for recreational options that you would have otherwise hardly taken into consideration: How about Korean TV Shows? A couple of horror films that play in the deep sea? Or romantic Indie comedies? In addition, some pages have genre codes unearthed, which are not so specific that they are all filled. Netflix has created sub-pages, but so far no Intern to take care of the assignments came, apparently. “Wine and beverage culture” (1458) is occupied in whole is neat, but “history films of the 20th century. Century for hopeless romantics” (81544) awaits as the filling such as, “critically-acclaimed Action – adventure movies of the 1960s” (9082).