Drive old rather than new. Used cars did well in 2021 with record 12-month sales, but momentum slowed in 2022, with 15% drop in September compared to the same period last year, explains L’Automobile magazine. How to explain this brutal fall? The shortage of electronic components has weakened the new market in 2020 and many buyers have turned to opportunities, to be able to have a vehicle more quickly.

If it now attracts fewer buyers, the second-hand market still continues to do well to the point, according to Le Parisien, of having gone “crazy”. According to the Ile-de-France daily, resale prices have increased by around 20% over the last 18 months: some vehicles now cost more used than new. The Dacia, the Sandero and the Duster are among them, but also hybrid vehicles from the Toyota brand, in particular the CHR and the RAV4.

Be careful, it is not because they sell for more that these cars are the most popular on the second-hand market in France. Le Parisien analyzed data from the Leboncoin site to find out which used vehicles were the most sought after by region. In all, 600,000 vehicles are on sale on the second-hand site, where the purchase is made directly from individual to individual. While some models are successful from the north to the south of France, others are more popular in certain territories than others.

Peugeot, Renault, BMW, Volkswagen… What are the popular brands and above all which models are currently reselling best near you? Find out in the photos below, according to the study conducted by Le Parisien.