Want to buy a new car? Or perhaps to offer one for obtaining your child’s license? If you don’t have enough funds, the idea of ​​buying a used car is a good solution that will allow you to save money.

However, beware. Some vehicle models are not recommendable. The reason why it is better not to acquire them? They are just as expensive new, according to La Dépêche.

In the slideshow below, Planet has compiled a list of five car models that have become particularly expensive although used, according to data collected on the resale site La Centrale.

What explains this price increase is above all the availability of these cars. Automotive production lines have been severely impacted by the post-pandemic period, a shortage of semiconductors, and plastic and steel supply issues.

As a result, production times have lengthened by several months. However, the increase in delivery times prevents factories from meeting the demand that manufacturers are facing. Result: second-hand sales have jumped and the price of these cars has skyrocketed. So much so that sometimes the price of used even exceeds that of new.

Especially since according to the media quoted above, “the urgency” and the habit of being served very quickly in our society has not helped to calm the rise in prices.