The United States is 7.5 billion us dollars (6.9 million euros) in import duties into the European Union. The world trade organization on Wednesday decided to. It’s going to be the highest amount of the so-called response measures, which the WTO has ever been admitted to a handelsconflict.

in The case in which the penalties arise, turn to all of the fourteen-year-long dispute between the United States and the European Union over alleged government subsidies for aircraft manufacturer Airbus. The U.s. trade representatives have estimated that in the U.S. because of this, every year an estimated 11-billion dollars in damage to suffer from. The europeans claim to be, in their turn, that the united states, the Us and Boeing in an unfair way, to support it.

Last year’s decision by the WTO, though, that Airbus is effectively in the billions of euros in illegal state aid it has given, and has the US given permission to be 7.5 billion us dollars of import duties on Eu products. Charges may apply for European products such as beverages, food products, luxury goods, and aircraft parts.

the Diplomats in Brussels expect US, the fees at the end of this month to enter. They should have to make a choice from a list of goods for a value of nearly 25 billion u.s. dollars. It is anticipated that a particular aircraft and parts thereof, may be taken as food.

the Response

in Europe, announced that it also deals want to impose, because the WTO held that the U.s. aircraft manufacturer Boeing has as much in illegal subsidies it has received. The trade association explains, however, until the beginning of next year the scale of the European, the concern is fixed.

“If the new U.s. import duties, the European Union has no other choice but to have the same measure,” said the european Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström on Wednesday. She stressed, however, that it is now counter-measures to take “is short-sighted and counter-productive” because both the united states and the EU have made mistakes. Also, she emphasizes that she is still in a “balanced settlement” will be reached with the united states.

Airbus said Wednesday the act, to take note of the decision of the WTO, and warns that the U.s. duties are also bad for the Us airline industry. “They were an obstacle to free trade, and not only have a negative impact on American businesses, and American jobs, vendors, and people,” according to CEO Guillaume Faury. “Airbus is hoping that the US and the EU to find a solution before they are in the airline industry, the commercial relations and the global economy is in a serious battle damage.”

the Trump: “Huge win for US,”

The Us president, when He spoke of the decision during a press conference for “a major victory for the United States, but announced no duties against the EU. “The WTO is much, much better for us, since I have been president have come,” said He even at the press conference.
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