if The U.s. Congress does the impeachment investigation for president, He is public. The Congress on Thursday voted in favor. The people of the Us (and the world) is going to be able to follow it and to judge whether or not Trumps a phone call with the Ukrainian president, of the abuse of power or not.

The impeachment investigation for president, He is going to be a second phase. Thursday afternoon (our time) in the Conference with 232 votes in favour and 196 votes against, decided to take the investigation to the president’s Home to be made public. In this way, ordinary Americans will follow the screening. A frequent criticism from the Home supporters was that the Democratic party, and the Deep State behind closed doors, the president sought to remove from the White House. This is the third time in the history of the united states, an impeachment procedure was started.

READ ON FOR MORE. The impeachment procedure of the Home has been started, but the result is, no doubt,

What does this resolution mean?

Concretely, this defines the resolution of the investigation and the evidence against the president, He is now the audience will be. Also, given that the Republicans now have the right to call witnesses to the tribunal, which until now has not been the case. In addition, the representatives of the president in the Committee on Judiciary to engage in the interview. It will, ultimately, decide whether or not He can be accused shall be.

The vote also illustrates how certain of the Democrats, on their part. This resolution seems to show that the impeachment procedure against the president symbooldossier, but the Democrats are certainly sure to be an improper partner for personal political gain.

however, It is highly doubtful that a public inquiry is the highly divided Congress, let alone the Senate, will be included. Except for some dissident voices, seem to be very little Republican party to rally behind the impeachment procedure.

when He himself responded, as well as the habit on Twitter – are already on the ballot: “This is the biggest witch-hunt in the history of the United States of america”, he won’t know about it.

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