“excellent news from Turkey.” As was announced by the Us president, Donald Trump, on Thursday, via Twitter, that the united states and Turkey have reached an agreement on a temporary cease-fire in Syria. “Millions of lives will be saved.”

The American vice-president, Mike Pence was a capital, Ankara, to be patient, to put an end to the Operation of Awakening, Peace, and the Turkish attack Kurdish fighters, and wanted to reduce it from a border area in the north of Syria. After four hours, in consultation with the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, was there an agreement to be reached. In turkey, it will be a military operation to keep the Syrian-Kurdish militia forces, a total of 120 hours for the period of time to pass in order to get out of the “safe zone”. After that, the operation will end, said Pence.

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“This is not a declaration of a cease-fire agreement”

Mevlut Cavusoglu, the Turkish minister of Foreign Affairs, did not deny, however, that it was to be a cease-fire is going. “We will suspend just for the surgery. This is not a declaration of a cease-fire”, as he announced at a press conference shortly after the announcement of Mike Pence. “We can do it to be offensive, only to stop when all the terrorist elements are in full retreat from the area.”

The-Syrian-Kurdish forces located 35 kilometres away from the border, to pull back, said Pence. This “safety zone” shall be under Turkish military control and to allow, according to Cavusoglu.

According to Donald Trump, the agreement between the united states and Turkey, this is the result of “a necessary, but somewhat of an unconventional approach. “The deal was three days ago but never made it. What was needed was a strict approach, in order to get it done. It’s great for everyone. Proud of everyone, tweette of the president.. “This is a great day for the culture of the time. I am proud to announce that the United States has supported me through a very necessary, but somewhat off-beat track. People try these out < / I> deal for years to get. Millions of lives will be saved. Well done to one and all.”

“Even the moon”

Before stating He is in Texas, though his gratitude to both Turkey and the Kurds, and he said that the agreement was for a long time into it. “We’ll have everything we dreamed of,” said the president. “I would Even like to thank. They were incredibly pleased with the solution as well. This is the solution, truth be told, their lives were saved.” He added that there are also the Kurds, responsibility will remain for the prisoner of the fighters of the Islamic State (ISIS).

The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, had He the nice words. “He’s a great leader, a tough man, a strong man, and he has done the right thing.” The head of state also affirmed that, to his Turkish counterpart next month in a visit to Washington, as has been planned.
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