This situation is probably familiar to you. During a day at the beach, you have the urge to urinate, but there is no sanitary on the horizon. The only solution available to you then seems to go and relieve yourself in the water, discreetly and away from bathers.

But beware if you decide to spend your holidays in Vigo, a Spanish seaside resort. On site, this prank is now penalized with a hefty fine: “Anyone who urinates in the sea or on the sand will be fined 750 euros”, specifies Capital.

The Spanish authorities consider that urinating in the sea is a lack of etiquette, in addition to being very unhygienic. It remains to be seen how the agents intend to go about catching the culprits…

In France, no such decree. In theory, then, urinating in the sea is legal. This practice also poses no risk to the environment. Urine is indeed mainly composed of water, and also contains nitrogen, which allows the development of ammonium, an element that nourishes the underwater flora, explains Passeport Santé.

The sea is full of several liters of urine from the marine mammals that inhabit it.

For example, a whale spills nearly 1,000 liters of urine with each “pee”.

However, if the beach where you are has public toilets, do not hesitate to use them.

If not, you know what you have to do… Swim up to your waist, at least, and watch out for the current!

At worst, you only risk disapproving looks if your bathing neighbors surprise you, and a certain moment of embarrassment when you find your towel…