Breathe in breathe out ! Open your chakras and above all, relax your zygomatics. Solo or in pairs, you are much more relaxed if you practice yoga daily. But, who said that this sport was not also recommended for our animal friends?

Some don’t know it, but wild or pet animals are just as flexible. Namely that there are many positions inspired by animals taught to children and adults alike. From the dog to the cat, passing by the cobra, the pigeon and even the camel, these postures allow all followers to relax the muscles and gain flexibility.

Like their master, pets can also follow this discipline which has brought together many followers during confinement. Like “dogga”, yoga for dogs. According to the Planeteanimal website, this sport “consists of practicing a yoga session adapted to the company of an animal interacting with it. By practicing yoga for dogs, you must not limit your breaths, your balances or vary the rhythm some exercice”.

Popular activity in America, Asia and Europe, the dogga would even have benefits on the health of dogs, thus reducing anxiety, depression, hypersensitivity or even hyperactivity and stress. If you own an adorable doggie, do not hesitate to bend over backwards so that he has fun imitating you.

For proof in pictures, here are 20 animals that show flexibility through these yoga positions that will surprise you. Attention, giggles guaranteed!