Unheard of at Paris Fashion Week. This Friday, September 30, the Coperni fashion show took place for the presentation of its spring-summer 2023 collection at the Musée des Arts et Métiers. For this occasion, the famous model Bella Hadid honored her presence by causing a sensation during an incredible performance.

At the end of the fashion show, the 25-year-old American appeared almost naked in her underwear. A staging that gave way to an unprecedented artistic performance for the public: the creation of a white dress – made to measure – on the body of the sublime Bella Hadid. For about ten minutes, the team of specialists led by Manel Torres (director of Fabrican Ltd), sprayed the special liquid necessary to cover the skin of Gigi Hadid’s sister.

For Arnaud Vaillant, one of the founders of the Parisian brand Coperni, “we felt that it was absolutely necessary for him to direct the performance – for us, it makes the experience even more magical”, according to his words translated for VogueUK. Throughout this unique creation, the liquid solidified to turn into fabric. A long process that has allowed the beautiful American to be dressed in a long immaculate dress.

After a few adjustments and finishes, Bella Hadid offered a magnificent parade on the catwalk to the applause of the public. Hotter than ever, the American star took to the catwalk by unveiling the dress in all its forms. A sensational and hot style that has reacted on social networks.

“Beautiful! She looks like a marble sculpture”, “Wow incredible”, “It reminded me of McQueen”, can we read in the comments of Internet users on the Instagram account of Vogue, alluding to the work of the famous stylist who passed away in 2010. To admire the result of the dress worn by Bella Hadid, here is an anthology as stunning as it is unreal in our slideshow.