Do you think our cat friends are strange beings? If some are very teasing and very mischievous like Sylvester, others are rather hungry and lazy like Garfield. It must be said that for some individuals, their pet tends to live like a pasha!

Certainly, our cats like to ask for hugs and affection (or almost), but sometimes they can drive us crazy like our children. We love to say that felines and other furry animals look like their master or mistress, and some take pleasure in sharing unusual moments with them. Often, the result can really surprise us… For the better and for the laughter!

On social networks like Twitter, Internet users offer a compilation of very unusual situations where they have observed their cat. Hidden in the fridge looking for freshness in the middle of a heat wave, caught in the act of gluttony in the pantry cupboard or even in the middle of a siesta (shh, do not disturb), they have some really funny surprises in store for us.

When we tell you that these cats do everything to get our attention, it’s not a joke. And, sometimes, some animals even bend over backwards in absurd positions. The proof in pictures: here are 20 cats that will make you laugh, to discover in our slideshow.