Unrest in the Basel Fans are calling for the resignation of FCB CEO Bernhard Burgener


Unrest in the Basel Fans are calling for the resignation of the FCB boss Bernhard castles now defected for the barrel: The most loyal FCB pendant from the Muttenz curve want a change in the Basel Management team.Eva Tedesco5 Kommentare5Bernhard Burgener and CEO Roland Heri stand in the criticism.KEYSTONE

The concern about your FC Basel drives the Fans for weeks. The record loss of 20 million francs in the year 2019, which is needed within three years of liquid reserves, intransparent communication and everywhere mistrust has unsettled Fans and also annoyed. However, they have held back and hardly be expressed – until now.

“We believe they (the leadership around President Bernhard Burgener, Red.) not capable, due to the crisis or to cope with the coming challenges,” means it is in a long Letter, the Website Muttenz curve.ch. And further: “For the sake of the club we therefore call on the entire leadership, from all positions of Responsibility to resign.” About the Letter, in which the Fans Express their Concerns expression, is unambiguous: “the Zit to goo!”

We have strengthened the guidance around Bernhard Burgener in the last three years, a long time back, and to the increasing criticism, publicly expressed, but the damage was huge and could not be estimated. The trailer does not make the crisis solely on the financial bottleneck. The leadership was never able to win through your Actions, and your communication confidence. “Quite the contrary: in Spite of some light on the confidence piece is a look – and with each blow all the more lost and the Club is broken apart.” Most of the time, and this is one of the main reasons for the doubts of the Fans – it would have been a lack of understanding of the committed errors.

legend status helps nothing

The Fans can see no way, the “vicious circle” to break, and therefore demand the resignation of the responsible persons from their leadership positions in joint-stock company the Holding company and the Association, and in particular Bernhard Burgener, Roland Heri, Peter von Büren, Karli and Matt and Massimo Ceccaroni. And restrict: “Even if the latter two played against us a non-visible role, and for us to continue the legend status of enjoy, all of you have supported the previous way.”

Of their withdrawal claim, take only David Degen. The former FCB player is in December 2019, the co-owner and on the Board of Directors of the FC Basel Holding AG. “We not only expect that he is a future solution in the way.” However, the Fans do not demand the immediate resignation “with the danger of total Chaos”, but a time. In the Letter, it means that the Fans aware of is that you are asking for a lot, and “certainly some poking in front of the head, very many but speak from the heart.”

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