A multi-faceted actor. For many years, the face of former Hollywood sex symbol Mickey Rourke has changed considerably. The one who had known glory with the film 9 1/2 weeks alongside Kim Basinger is nothing like the one he was in his early days.

As his career gradually declined in the late 1980s, he embarked on a career as a boxer. It is under the pseudonym El Marielito that he enters the ring. He emerged victorious eight times (six wins and two retirements). Fights that were not without consequences for the former American actor. He is a victim of memory loss as well as numerous injuries including a broken nose or even fractured cheekbones. In short, the face of the actor is totally disfigured.

To remedy this, Mickey Rourke turns to cosmetic surgery. Hair extensions, removal of cartilage from his ear in order to reconstruct his nose several times… The operating tables no longer hold any secrets for him. His passion for boxing got the better of his career, he who refused to play in the film Rain Main, not having been able to read the script because of a fight.

“I had everything and I screwed it up. It’s a total disaster. At the time, I didn’t realize it was my fault. I believed it was other people’s fault, that it was they who were angry with me”, he confided in the show Everybody speaks about it and to add: “I had a big head, I thought I was a genius. We earn a lot of money , everyone kisses your boots, you start to believe that you’re someone special. You think you’re never going to end up on the ground. And when you’re there, you don’t think it’s going to last 12-13 years old”.

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