Donald Trump is fighting since weeks with the Democrats: Either they share five billion dollars for its border wall with Mexico, or it is shortly before Christmas, a partial administration to a standstill. For the issue of regulations Trump also requires democratic votes in the Senate. However, even if the two parties find a compromise in the house of representatives, the President for the time being can not be sure that he has all the votes of the Republicans.

There are not a few members who no longer have the desire – now that the congressional elections are over, missing some Motivation. Especially Republican politicians, who must vacate their offices for the Democrats, left it in last time to discipline the lack of it and not just went to vote to the house of representatives, reported the New York Times. In the case of a vote in last week’s Post were missing, according to the “Huff” 17 Republicans and six Democrats. The time between the election and the new session is not unimportant. It is called the “lame duck session” – the session time of the “lame ducks”. However, it is often used to pass quick laws before the change of majorities.

One of the most important voting is in the hands of the “lame ducks”: the decision on the financing of government tasks. The Budget of seven authorities from running when there is no agreement – from Friday about the Department of homeland security would have no more money. In the case of the Republican senators of the frustration is growing, meanwhile, that the President is willing to risk for his wall again a “Shutdown” and that he seems to have no Plan, still at the end of the week could be avoided. “Because you see me stumped,” said Senator John Cornyn of Texas told reporters. “There is no apparent Plan – no, the us would be been informed.”