for almost three months in the United States missing girl is alive has been found. The 13-Year-old had appeared close to the town of Gordon in the state of Wisconsin, informed the local authorities on Friday in a press conference. The girl was healthy and safe, said Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald. A 21-year-old man has been arrested.

The parents of the girl were found in October in their home near the town of Barron shot. Since then, each track was missing from the 13-Year-old. The Suspect will now be accused of, to have the parents and the girl kidnapped and shot. The background facts were not clear.

girls could free yourself

The girl you’ve asked on Thursday in Gordon to help, as you just went with your dog for a walk, said a woman who wished to remain anonymous, the newspaper “Star Tribune”. The two went to neighbors, the woman agreed then the police. The girl was able to free themselves, said Sheriff Fitzgerald. “The will to survive, this child, is unimaginable.”

It got to a total of around 3500 notes from the population in the case said Fitzgerald. The family have abandoned the hope to find the girls alive again, never. “These are the news we have been waiting for for three months. I can’t wait to take you in the Arm,” said an aunt of the 13-Year-old in a telephone interview to the “Star Tribune”.

Since the parents of the 15. October, were discovered in 2018, dead in her house, no one had seen the girl. Search operations were unsuccessful. The investigators believe that the 13-Year-old home, as their parents were shot. The city of Gordon is located about 100 kilometers North of Barron.