United States mediate in the Kosovo conflict – Trump wants to be in command in the Balkans will be solely nThe US government invites the leaders of Serbia and Kosovo into the White house. You would like to rapidly lead to an agreement so that the President can boast of in the election campaign as a Dealmaker.Enver Robelli10 Kommentare10Will a quick “Deal” on the Balkans: US Diplomat and Trump the voice of Richard Grenell.Photo: Denis Balibouse (Reuters)

Richard Grenells performance in Kosovo, solves the case of the European diplomats, only the head shake. Within a year, the previous U.S. Ambassador in Berlin two governments of the Balkan country’s case, because they are against a rapid “Deal” with Serbia fought back, the way does not exclude, apparently, also changes in the borders. Donald Trump had Grenell appointed in 2019, as his special envoy for “peace negotiations” between Serbia and Kosovo. The warhorses will lead to a unification in the Balkans so that his boss can boast of in the election campaign as a Dealmaker in the foreign policy. In order to increase the pressure on Pristina, was indirectly threatened with the closure of the US Military base Camp Bondsteel.

In the night on Tuesday, Grenell in his efforts one step further. He ordered the leaders of the two Balkan States to the White house. The Meeting is on the 27. June take place. His invitation Association Grenell with a threat. If one of the parties is dissatisfied with the discussions in Washington, will return to the Status quo. The message is clear: anyone Who does not spurt, is to blame for the Failure of the talks.

Pristina a

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci, the advertises for 2018 for a land swap with Serbia, buckles said he was confident that under the leadership of President Trump an agreement is possible. Serbia’s Prime Minister Ana Brnabic said that the commitment of the United States have awakened new hope for a solution. Serbia considers Kosovo as a renegade province.

Advertises for a land swap with Serbia: Kosovo President Hashim Thaci.Photo: Hannibal Hanschke (Reuters)

Since the beginning of June in Pristina a new government to immediately and unconditionally fulfilled all requirements Grenells: The punitive tariffs on Serbian products were lifted, provisionally Kosovo not applied for inclusion in international organizations, on the “principle of reciprocity” with Serbia will also be waived. This means that Kosovo must put Serbian companies, there are no obstacles in the way, Serbia can block against arbitrary Kosovar products. The punitive tariffs were introduced in 2018, after Serbia had prevented the inclusion of Kosovo in international organizations.

The EU is ignored

For the EU Grenells activism is a hard lesson in power relations. Recently appointed Brussels, the former Prime Minister of Slovakia Miroslav Lajcak at a special foreign envoy for the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, but Grenell is doing so, as if it were not for him. On Monday, Lajcak via Zurich wanted to fly to the Albanian capital of Tirana and from there by land to Kosovo to enter the country. The flight was cancelled. On Tuesday, he was able to fly with a machine to Pristina, the Swiss soldiers in Kosovo supplied.

Knows the Region very well: The Slovak Diplomat Miroslav Lajcak is EU special envoy for the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina.Photo: Imago

Like most of the EU countries, also Switzerland border rejects changes in the Balkans. It is feared that such experiments could provide the post-war order into question. The Trump-government has in the past hinted that they would accept mutually agreed Border adjustments. The debate on the new boundaries has been first approved by the former EU chief diplomat Federica Mogherini. Lajcak rejects such mind games, because you could take the risk of a new blood spillage to be. The Slovakian knows the Region well, he was his country’s Ambassador to Belgrade and High representative of the international community for Bosnia-Herzegovina.

A campaign against the EU-Kosovo President Thaci leads. He accuses the EU, you’ve done it once, the visa obligation for Kosovo citizens should be repealed. According to the EU Commission, the Kosovo authorities have met the conditions. In addition, five EU countries-Spain, Slovakia, Cyprus, Greece and Romania, oppose the independence of Kosovo. The EU has supported Kosovo since 1999, with 2.3 billion euros and is the largest donor in the world, but a unified strategy as to how the dispute can be resolved with Serbia, not Brussels so far.

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