United States against the WHO Grotesque act of SelbstgefährdungAn the world health organization it is to criticize a lot of things. But escape, such as Trump makes it is now, is ridiculously exaggerated.Opinion Thorsten Denkler0 comment trump wants to do with the WHO, nothing more.Photo: Reuters

The U.S. President has made this Friday the world is a good piece of unsafe. Not least the world of Americans. In the afternoon, he announced in the rose garden of the White house, he will terminate the membership of the United States of the world health organization (WHO). The step is part of a, it is little else we can say, propagandistic revenge campaign against China, Trump reported that it had adopted the WHO for a long time.

in the Midst of a global pandemic, the US President cut the Connections to an organization that is perhaps not perfect. But it is like no other organization able to combat global chains of Infection. Ebola, Polio, HIV without the help of the WHO, these diseases would minimize probably still unchecked grass.

Also in this pandemic it is doing invaluable work: spreading reliable information on the new Coronavirus, it also helps countries that don’t have the best virologists in the world. She has already contributed early in the year, one at the Charité hospital in Berlin developed the Corona Test was available worldwide. The basic requirement, to stem the pandemic. Who weakens, the WHO, the weakens an essential part of the organsiator of immune system of humanity.

to leave This unique health service provider now, is as if a very sick guy in his fifties announces his health insurance, because the insurance car-in-chief a great service. An almost grotesquely exaggerated and self-injurious response. But what do you expect from a President, of the Twitter with closure looming because the company checked his Tweets facts.

There are quite a criticism worthy of the WHO. Something that is also autocratic criminal States in their 164 members from time to time. This is perhaps the compromise that must be received by an organization whose ultimate goal is to improve the health of people worldwide and to protect.

Or that 20 percent of the WHO budget come from private foundations and companies. This may bring the independence of the notoriously under-funded organization in danger. The Problem could easily be resolved if the member States would increase their contributions. Or at least on time paid. Now Trump escapes with his decision, the WTO also still a good 400 million euros in the year. The WHO takes only about 3.7 billion dollars in the year. The other member States should plug the hole quickly.

Trump disclaims any responsibility

Trump the ability of the WHO to sacrifice, because he needs someone to blame. He refuse to accept any responsibility, he said. So he makes others responsible. China, the WHO, democratic governors in the States. More than 100’000 Deaths, nearly 1.8 million registered Infected so far. Every day, more than 20’000 confirmed new infections. The System Trump has failed in the first serious crisis of his term. But in the fall elections. That’s why he is committed by his own failure in this crisis to distract.

WHO can help would have. It was a Problem that could spread in the United States until mid-March, the Virus unhindered. It was not so well tested like. The United States wanted to develop its own Test, but failed. The available and functioning Test of WHO you are not wanted. Without the Tests, the US were groping in the dark. Which is why it came only four to six weeks to late to make the necessary contact constraints. The New York Times has calculated that a minimum of 36’000 Corona-the death could have been prevented if the US had acted earlier.

Trump says, the WHO didn’t warned early enough before the Virus, out of consideration for China. This may even be true. Only on 11. March, WHO has declared the spread of the Virus to the pandemic. But no one has been detained Trump until then to take the Virus seriously nonetheless. But he went on for weeks that the Virus will disappear in a magical way, that his government had everything under control. Nothing was under control.

Trump is not, in the meantime, back to Golf, a mask he wears out of principle and to pay the death he speaks hardly any. He does so, as he would have to do with the crisis, nothing. Should die for the people, the main thing is the economy is up and running again.

From the WHO to withdraw, but carries with it another danger. When it comes to make-possibly in the coming year, a Corona vaccine to be available worldwide, are the networks of WHO-is of crucial importance. The Americans can only hope that more of Trump sitting in the White house.

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