“It doesn’t look good”, to share Her Degryse of the labor union of the press after general meetings with the trade unions and senior management from Thomas Cook Belgium in the afternoon. “The senior management said that there is a one percent chance that there will be a solution in the negotiations to come. It seemed to be a afscheidsspeech.” See, there’s not too much of a bad thing, according to the trade unions.

Officially, all of the runs were open. Tuesday afternoon comes, it is normally for a new works council at Thomas Cook Belgium. According to the management of the Belgian part of the organisation is “fully operational”, but as a precaution, no trips were sold.

The trade unions want guarantees for the payment of the wages and salaries for the month of september. This would normally be a Wednesday to be done, but the trade unions were on the board of directors, that the money is there, but they can’t because the banks and the accounts are locked.

this Morning, have hope:

and While the trade unions, in the morning, after having a workers council is still optimistic people were, they found out it is a lot more bleak in a new interview with the board of directors in the mid-afternoon. “This morning, we were very hopeful,” says Els De Coster, of the FEDERATION. “Now, there’s a different atmosphere. We would expect that the board of directors of the alternatives and the concrete slopes to the front and went out, but that wasn’t the case at all. In the scenario, it’s still vague. The CEO, Jan Dekeyser, the staff will be made. He is still looking for a solution in talks with potential investors and partners, but he was honest enough to admit that the likelihood of success is very small. One or two per cent, the figures to which he was called. That is a very, very low.”

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