In the Union, the debate about the next Chancellor candidate. For Union leader Ralph Brinkhaus, the new CDU-Chairman, Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer is the first candidate to this role – however, he sees no automatism. “It is absolutely clear that it has the first access,” said the Christian Democrat, the news magazine “Focus”. “Who is going to apply from the CDU in fact, for the Chancellery, but depends on Momentum, if the candidacy is pending.” Similarly, the Chairman of the CSU group in the Bavarian Parliament, Thomas Kreuzer said.

Kramp-Karrenbauer had set itself as the successor of Angela Merkel of the CDU leadership at the party Congress in early December, just against the former Union parliamentary leader Friedrich Merz. Merz had been supported by President of the Bundestag Wolfgang Schäuble. In the latest edition of the “star” had Schäuble in connection with the candidacy for Chancellor criticized the term “right of access” and said: “You will agree from time to time.” This was understood as a further tip against Kramp-karrenbauer.

“automatism is the importance of not just”

In the case of the sister party, the CSU, it insists on a say. “Ms. Kramp-Karrenbauer has your experience as a Minister-President are all of the prerequisites, later, Chancellor. But nothing is decided yet, it would be too early,” said the Bavarian Landtag faction leader cruiser of the “image”-newspaper. “Especially if there is to be a joint Union candidate for Chancellor, which of course all go out, must be discussed in due time with the CSU. An automatism is of importance.“ Ultimately, the bodies of both parties would have to decide.

the Union group chief Brinkhaus called also a stronger focus on environmental policy. She was in the last few years due to the financial crisis, the foreign policy challenges and the refugee policy in the Background.