Unilever will be no more ads to place on sites. That is, the manufacturer of personal care products and food products, the BBC reported, after the United Kingdom, controversy arose over the claims of the Unilever-owned subsidiary of Dollar Shave Club is on Pornhub.

as The British newspaper the Sunday Times, then tied the cat to the ring and continued the earlier questions in the ads on Pornhub. According to the newspaper, it would be the porn site not enough to do anything to prevent illegal content from entering the system. Unilever is to say, the BBC is deeply concerned about the situation and forgot about the Dollar Shave Club. The American scheermesjesverkoper in 2016, has been acquired, it is a subscription-based service that is a monthly razor blades and personal care services. Up until now, the company is free to market on your own to focus on.

Unilever said, also do not know to have been influenced by the advertising campaign from the Dollar Shave Club. The parent company promised that not a single brand of social media ever find on the porn sites will have to be repeated.

Earlier, intended in the direction of the Dollar Shave Club’s ad on Pornhub, as well as strategic, low-cost and a very wide range. Pornhub every day to 110 million unique visitors. Of them, 71 percent are men.