Unequal treatment – FDP and SVP criticize illegal demonstrations to the Corona times, The economic and rallies would be treated currently clearly unequal: The SVP therefore demands an end to all measures to Friday, the FDP announced an Interpellation in both councils.12 Kommentare12Etwas less than two meters distance, easily over 300 people: “Black Lives Matter”demonstration in Zurich on 13. June 2020. Keystone/Ennio Leanza

Despite the bans on public Assembly of more than 300 people due to the Corona pandemic came together in the last few weeks in Switzerland, thousands of people in part unauthorised demonstrations. This provides many for lack of understanding.

Why thousands of people may pay attention freely in the distance, and hygienic rules, while the shops and Restaurants still keep with great effort meticulously and in the event of breaches, with buses to expect? This is the FDP asks in a message from Tuesday.

The FDP urges, therefore, that Federal councillor Alain Berset, creates clarity, such as “he wants to applicable law for all will prevail, or how the elaborate restrictions for businesses, events and consumers want to abolish it.” The FDP announced an Interpellation in both councils.

The SVP criticized the current state to a short-term, convened a media conference in Bern. By the still current ban on events with over 300 Participants, thousands of farms were in front of the Ruin. The SVP calls on the Bundesart therefore, to end this unequal treatment immediately and “the rule of law is now immediately recover,” said party President Albert Rösti in front of the media.


in Addition, must be allowed to immediately re-all events, even those with over 300 Participants. The Federal Council would need to open up on Friday to be consistent, “finally,” said rosti. It could not be that trades would be fined driving due to a relatively small Offense, with buses in the four-digit level, meanwhile, the rally participants would be part of the end and the organizers off the hook.

Should increase due to the tolerance of the demonstrations, the infection numbers and even deaths, according to the SVP to also pull the organisers as well as the relevant cantonal and city authorities to account. “If it happens, is what happened here, negligent homicide,” said hash Browns in front of the media. And this is then follow according to legally to.

For the CVP is the great resentment about the unequal enforcement of the Corona-rules for Demos and when you trade is legitimate, as the party announced in the short message service Twitter. You are not informed yet, the conclusion of the SVP. The Federal Council has to restore the confidence of the people by measures consistent would be decided upon and implemented.

the Association of fundamental rights.ch calls by the Federal Council and the cantons, the right to freedom of expression and freedom of Assembly is restored. The authorisation must be in all cantons arbitrary free and legal, writes the Association in a statement.

recommendations of the cantonal justice and police Directors

The conference of Cantonal justice and police Directors(cantonal justice and police Directors) in their recommendations for dealing with demonstrations from the beginning of June that the authorities must refuse to grant the permit if, on the basis of the submitted application does not seem plausible is that the restriction to 300 can be adhered to the participants.

The Board of Directors of the cantonal justice and police Directors, however, considers it very difficult to be able to at a rally, the concrete probability of a “dynamic development” in the time of the granting of a licence to assess.

He recommends the granting authorities, therefore, the application of several criteria in the evaluation of demonstration applications: In the foreground of the assessment, the evaluation of the expected number of participants is. “There are no rallies can be granted, if not plausible is that the restriction to 300 can be adhered to the participants”, it says.

In case of doubt had to weigh the benefits of a rally with a responsible Person and a concept for the protection against the risk of unauthorised Demonstrating.

Where the distance rules cannot be met, be Alternatives to mitigate the risk of Transmission show. In addition, a protection concept must be presented.

responsibility of the forces

The required protection concept had to be part of the permit to a rally, according to the cantonal or municipal provisions whose non-compliance but not necessarily a police Intervention to.

in Principle, it remains the responsibility of the respective forces, “whether, and if so, how they intervene in a concrete Situation in balancing the right of goods”. Whether steps will, when to come to a rally of more than 300 people have had to be evaluated from case to case and cannot be based on rigid criteria.

The police will be based on the General principles of the police law, in particular, of the interferers and on the principle of proportionality.

Top COP has criticism back

the President of The conference of cantonal police commanders, Stefan Blättler, rejected meanwhile, in the “view” of the criticism about the operations during the recent demonstrations against racism and police brutality. “The Corona-rules still apply. But if we had dissolved the Demonstration in this Size, would have pushed the people closer to each other. This would have achieved the opposite of the rules.”

the target of the Coronavirus-regulation is to protect the health of the population, said the officials. “In the case of a resolution of the Demo, it could have been riots give, may be injured.”


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