The roads of the International Cycling union (UCI), and Frederic Magné, are to be separated. The 50-year-old Frenchman, a former employee is being accused of, inter alia, “the systematic bullying, abusive, and manipulative behavior, and threats”.

Magné, is no stranger to the world of cycling, far from it. The Frenchman, who was in his or her career as a baanwielrenner the three-time world champion in the keirin and in the tandemsprint. In addition, he took part in four Olympic Games. Following his playing career, he was recognized by the UCI) has been appointed as the president of the World Cycling Centre in switzerland’s Aigle.

But the position Magné for the past two weeks, no more. The Frenchman, who was the International Cycling union (i.e. put on the street. “On the basis of the information that we have received is that there is no longer trust in the Frédéric Magné,” said a spokesman for the French news agency (AFP).

in practice, it would be serious accusations made by a former employee whose contract was not renewed as it was. It is about “systematic bullying, abusive, and manipulative behavior, and threats”. In addition, the Frenchman also blamed for “not taking into account the voedingsvoorschriften of the riders are of islamic origin. It would also have been denied, are to be made of the same material as the other ones. Magné, it would, at a certain point, even with the words, “Go back to Africa,” it said, and therefore, there would be a case of “continuing discrimination”.

It would be Magné, according to a witness, “a form of terrorism” have to be employed to press the issue. For example, the Frenchman, and even property, the services asked for by the people in his care did. The washing of the car, the down of grass, and dropping off of children at the school. And this despite the fact that the ex-world champion, his lover, his right hand in Aigle, day trips went out during the normal working hours.

Magné own wish not to elaborate on the accusations against him, and ordered the floor to be a lawyer. “We will contest these allegations strongly,” said Mathieu is available. According to him, the dismissal of the concerned employee as a result of a “difference in vision” and the allegations are aimed at the reputation of Magné maintained.

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