was approaching the trip to Espoo, Finland to visit on the occasion of an anniversary of Nokia, the company, asked a number of colleagues: “Are not broke?” or “There’s a Nokia?”. The answer is quite simple. Nokia, as many people know from the past, as a mobile phone is still a phone and not a Smartphone was no longer there. The then Apple CEO Steve Jobs had the Finnish company, which was for 14 years the world market leader for mobile devices, with the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, inadvertently, the death blow.

Marco Dettweiler

editor in the economy.

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using the telephone In the following years, everyone wanted to wipe and surfing, less and send SMS. As Microsoft bought 2014 Nokia for six billion dollars, it was already too late, because the Americans were able to initiate appropriate rescue measures, or wanted to. In 2016, it was over, when the Americans sold to the Finnish company. The Nokia Story ended.

Now it goes further, however: in 2017, were sold in the world, around 70 million mobile phones, which is the Name of Nokia. Some statistics lists the Finns in the first quarter of this year, the fifth, the strongest Smartphone manufacturer. Nokia is still alive. The thanks to the Finns and the Chinese. HMD globally, the company has paid Microsoft $ 350 million, to be allowed to use the brand name “Nokia” use. Then, the Chinese have set a few former employees of Nokia, and begun to design so-called “Feature Phones” and Smartphones in Europe are produced there, where almost all the Smartphones of this world in Shenzhen.


What are the Finns in Espoo, near Helsinki, to celebrate in December, so the two years young and the rebirth of the brand, with the HMD of the early successes will continue. It is important to make always a balancing act, in which the shows a foot in the past and the other in the future. “No nostalgia,” warns again and again, Pekka Rantala, Vice President at HMD, was to Nokia best of times for the global Marketing. He can now look back on more than 20 new products in more than 100 countries and sells in 200 countries. The most popular among the phones reissues of classics from the 1990s. HMD benefits from the customers who remember past times, and therefore, a Nokia buy.

With two jokers by the name of 3310 and 8110 HMD was in the first press conference at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) almost two years ago, on 26.February 2017 in Barcelona. They presented two Nokia phones with cult status, which were re-launched. Only because of these two devices, the media attention was in those days, the Finns – and not Samsung, Huawei and other well-known brands, the advantage of the Congress in Barcelona normally. On the Social Media channels users multiplied with the appropriate Hashtags. On many news portals, reported from Barcelona, were always photos of the new, the old 3310.

Feature Phone as a secondary device?

The Start was so promising and makes sense economically to this year. This is Mainly due to the sales of “Feature Phones”. The are, ultimately, cell phones are good for one thing: phone Calls. On the question of why someone should be nowadays to buy such a device if all the world uses a Smartphone, there was at that time at the Mobile World Congress and almost two years later, in Espoo the same answer: “As a second device!”. Jon French, responsible at Nokia for Western Europe, is firmly Convinced that the need is there, and its customers that is why such a device have bought. The sales will give him first right. Because of the 70 million products sold, the phones make up the largest and turnover. The largest market would be in emerging countries in Africa or Asia, says French. That you doubt the second Theory, accepted the new-old Nokia man. French is looking for any other arguments, because the Numbers for Nokia talk.