note that In the famous Egyptian city of Luxor, the Egyptian government on Sunday, two ancient temples, four chapels and is open to the public. The archaeological finds for nearly 3500 years, but had to be thoroughly renovated before the visitors were able to marvel at the beauty and splendour of the interior. The oldest temple in the 19th dynasty, and built in 1292 d.Is a must. – 1189-v.Bc. for ‘She’, and the fourth prophet of the sun god, Amon.

The temples were in Ancient times it was inhabited, which makes the gorgeous drawings and the carvings hidden by the soot of campfires. The Egyptian government received support from the United States Agency for International Development. (USAID) for the temple renovation.

among other things, to avoid the drawings in the cave-like temple in the future from being destroyed. There is also a navigation infrastructure built in so that the visitors wouldn’t get lost in the ancient labyrinth.

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