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I Imagine that by giving this award to two musicians so important, two geniuses, have wanted to reward the genre, to film music. And that is very valuable. But I believe that every one of them deserves it by itself, any one of them could be the only receiver of the award. Both Morricone as Williams seem to me to be extraordinary. Have made of the music of cinema, an art, with each expressing his talent, his style and his way of conceiving music.

don’t look anything. That is also the greatness of the music in the film, which can accommodate up styles completely different. Williams inherits the tradition of Hollywood, but also develops it and takes you to a place in many moments, very new. Is the king of the great audio-visual show american.

Morricone, I feel most close to, probably, is in the extent of european films and has a style very traditional, very own. I think that is the one that most has thought the music in Europe. The film music is very thoughtful and is part of the popular culture. At best, these awards want to open that popular music, such as the Parnassus of great art.

In the same way that Dylan gave him the Nobel for Literature, although in this case there was a higher jump. To think that the music of popular tradition, as implemented, can also be the music of the high intellectual spheres. It is a recognition of splendid, I imagine they will have done a lot of illusion to the two. But I also think that they would have liked to receive it alone. I don’t know if you are aware of the importance that Spanish culture have these awards. If I had to choose a soundtrack for each one of them, I would cite two, published by Quartet Records. John Williams, “The Long Goodbye”, a film by Robert Altman. It is less of the style large, imposing, Williams. Has a root of jazz, a connection with the jazz. He was a jazz pianist at the beginning of his career. Of Morricone, I would cite “Cinema Paradiso” or “tie me”, which made for Almodóvar. Are great scores all of them.

By Alberto Iglesias