Bad result – Twitter at Trump for the first time, the facts checkder short message service to the US President for a Tweet is a bad testimony and a link to a Twitter page with the facts on the subject. It comes to postal voting in the United States.0 comment Twitter has its Tweet with a Link: U.S. President Donald Trump. (26. May 2020)Keystone/Oliver ContrerasDer short message service in response to a Tweet by the President on the subject of postal voting.Keystone/Justin LaneDer short message service is not repeatedly come under criticism, because he is going against false, misleading, or offensive Tweets Trumps.Keystone/Oliver Contreras1 / 8

The short message service Twitter has been the subject of a Tweet from the US President, Donald Trump for the first time, a fact check – and him promptly a bad certificate is issued. Trump wrote on Tuesday on Twitter that postal voting electoral fraud bar feed. Twitter sided with the Tweet with a Link with the note: “Learn the facts about absentee voting”. This Link leads to a Twitter page, in the Trumps assertion as “unfounded” is rejected. Twitter spokesman Nick Pacilio confirmed that it was the first Twitter-fact check of a Trump-Tweets.

The Twitter-fact check relies on the broadcaster CNN, the newspaper “Washington Post” and other unnamed experts – CNN and the “Washington Post” reported critic Trumps. In the fact check, it means, among other things, Trump claiming incorrectly that California would send a letter ballot papers to all persons in the state of – “regardless of who you are or how you got there”. In fact, only registered voters absentee would receive the documents. Trump’s claim, incorrectly, that postal voting would lead to “a rigged election”.

80 million Followers for Trump

Twitter Trumps the most important is the mouthpiece. The US President, more than 80 million people follow there. The short messages service is not repeatedly come under criticism, because he is going against false, misleading, or offensive Tweets Trumps. Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the call for an expansion of absentee voting in the US presidential election on may 3. November, according to become. Trump and his Republicans oppose it because they fear that the US Democrats could benefit from a postal ballot.

a Twitter spokesman, Pacilio said it was the first fact check of Twitter. However, it should be the first Time that Trump had been subjected to the procedure. Pacilio left open the question of whether Tweets from the President would also be tested in the future, their truth content.

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