Its Similarity with the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau has made a poor Afghan wedding singer over night to become a celebrity in his country: The 29-year-old participants of the TV talent show “Afghan Star” has chances for victory, since a member of the Jury pointed out its Similarity to the attractive canadian DoppelgangeR.

“My name, have forgotten the people, you call me now ‘Justin Trudeau,” says Abdul Salam Maftun to the AFP news Agency. In doing so, he shows a shy Smile that revealed his gold-plated front teeth.The father of four children from the North-East Afghan province of Badakhshan, had heard prior to his participation in the talent show have never even heard of Justin Trudeau. “I knew nothing of him until I photos in the social network saw,” says Maftun. Thanks to her Similarity to his victory but has increased opportunities for “Afghan Star” to 50 percent.

shared Actual photos of the uneven DoppelgangeR, often on Facebook and commented. A user voice of “Trudeaus lost twin,” another wish “that our Trudeau wins Afghan Star”. Next Thursday the next round, and Maftun has a good chance with the viewers, whose votes are crucial. The final round is on 21. March.

The Similarity of the wedding singer with the canadian head of government was first noticed one of the four judges on the talent show. “He looks like my Prime Minister,” said the Canada-based singer-songwriter Kai Ulfat. He praised at the same time, the voice of the 29-year-old participant, whose Repertoire is far from romantic Afghan folk songs. And immediately found another comparison: “This man could be the next Justin Bieber”.