TV review: Maybrit Illner: The Gangster Rap disenchant


    Recently, there have been in NRW a large-scale deployment of 1,300 police officers against clan crime. NRW-Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul said: “The criminal clan members will remember, we leave you alone – at any time and in any place.” In Berlin, police and prosecutors have begun with police raids and seizures, the business model of criminal Clans to be more effective than in the past to combat. Assets such as real estate can be confiscated for up to 30 years of confiscated. Suspects must prove that they have acquired the seized assets is legal.

    Under the influence of the Clans, many of the hookah Bars, the shooting in some neighborhoods like mushrooms in Berlin. Particularly striking is the schöneberg’s Nollendorfplatz. It is one of the unintended side effects of the local city planning, a neighbourhood, such as the earlier very cozy maaßen street by a pretty-ugly traffic calming some Tunichtguten opportunity in tricked-out giant SUVs and roaring racecars in the step-pace their supposed area to traverse. It has delivered to the parade route for the Indicate with Zierelefanten and Seating Islands. From half-open Windows, music with doubts booms-filled messages.

    The problem of consciousness is arrived at, the policy with regrettable delay. It was overlooked for many years, a fact that influences the Integration of immigrants significantly: they Come in large families or Clans, makes it difficult for the family, the Integration of its members, because the Integration is always an individual process, ranging from the day-care centre through school up to training. In addition, the political scientist Ralph Ghadban has brought out recently a book: the Arab Clans – The underrated hazard.

    Culturally deluded self-empowerment

    the business model of the clan relies on protection money, drug trafficking and Prostitution, robbery, extortion, and murder. That recently, the Rapper Bushido got into a conflict with a large family, whose head, so far, his business partner, enables a different understanding of this musical culture. The Berlin Documentary Forum, the French cultural theorist Sylvère has lights Lotringer in June 2014 a similar theme: the Mexican Narco-capitalism. He brings out how the local Rapper on his own songs. The illegal Mexican laborer who is driving without a license on Route 66 to the North, listen to the songs of the drug gangs and even how one of their heroes, a case of culturally deluded self-empowerment. Also good music criticism can crime act pre-emptively.

    New tools for law enforcement officers

    The police has other tasks. Sebastian Fiedler, Chairman of the Federation of German criminal police officer, not certainly has to change in the subject of music criticism. He welcomes the fact that the policy problem has developed consciousness and the police, the new options out there, against criminal Clans. Ralph Ghabdan describes the Dilemma: One is not born in the Clan, to join him. Because everything stays in the family, there is no possibility of V-people in Clans to infiltrate.