TV review: Hard but fair: To Diesel-risks and side effects, ask a doctor


    A worse Moment could have been Frank Plasberg hardly pick and choose. With its Diesel-dispute round in the ARD, he had to compete on Monday night against the game of the national handball team in the ZDF. But the far-reaching significance of mobility, and climate and may have been the rash, here on. And after all, it is the Team of Tough but fair, a top team: Cem Özdemir (B‘90/Green member of the German Bundestag; Chairman of the transport Committee), Oliver Wittke (CDU, Parliamentary state Secretary to the Federal Minister for economic Affairs and energy), Bernhard Mattes (Chairman of the German Association of the automotive industry VDA), Barbara Metz (Deputy Federal Director of the German environmental aid, DUH), Dieter Köhler (specialist in pneumology and former President of the society for respiratory medicine). And as a guest star, the former formula 1-racer Heinz-Harald Frentzen was allowed to report on how he has upgraded his house to self-sufficient power plant.

    Holger Appel

    editor in the business, responsible for the “technology and Motor”.

    F. A. Z.

    the year of the bans will be in 2019, moderated Plasberg, and already seemed to be clear where the shipment was. But then the Moderator said, no one is saying that the back of a car, the air was a health resort. “But limits are set correctly, and how harmful the fumes are, really?”. The first one showed that loads in houses with gas water heater or gas stove are higher than on the road, and inquired as to the reporting of many, especially the public service media used to the audience: What is going on here?

    A lung doctor trumps

    Whether this was intentional or not, was maintained in the direction of no, you received the right drive. Because the first word lung doctor Köhler received, and from what he had present, recovered during the entire broadcast. The human body is well able, with the NO2 deal. It was really no risk at this dose. The short and the helpless cries of the environmental aid representative Metz, faith in the context of damage to Health and the NOx emissions of the cars, and in addition, there is a since 2010 and is valid limit, admitted Köhler. The researchers have always worked on new findings, but no one was interested in it. The change now fortunately.

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    Yes, he said to a question Plasbergs, Yes, he would, without hesitation to move into an apartment on a busy street, the noise would disturb him. From old data to new disease would be derived values, and unfortunately, no one was in the current study. Because the cost 30 to 50 million Euro, and is taking forever, because you had to wait until the people die.