the Unrest everywhere on social media these amateur images. The film gives the impression that there was a hijack in progress on an airplane by the airline Interjet. It turns out nothing is further from the truth: in a statement, said it is a Mexican company that was going to be a training exercise.

The set of images dating back to the 5th of October, but last week’s prompt on Twitter and quite rightly so. There, they were very happy looking at it and caused a lot of panic among the spectators. In the video it looks quite real. The armed men are threatening to both the flight crew and passengers, and they use very harsh language. “There’s no time, we’ll start with the passengers to kill you”, among other things, in the video you mentioned.

in A statement, the airline has created clarity. Therein it was confirmed that the entire hijacking was staged on a plane, that just at the Ciudad del Carmen International Airport, and stood up. “In this exercise you will need, our staff can help in coping with potential terrorist threats”, let the company know about it. “The videos that are circulating on social networking sites during this exercise are recorded.”

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