Trumps wall plans: both praise and criticism from American Christians


columns of The plans of the American President Donald Trump to build a border wall to Mexico, the Christians in the United States. Representatives of many Catholic organizations responded in part to massive criticism on Trumps wall speech from the Oval Office. In contrast, a leading Evangelical Pastor defended the project as morally justified.

In his speech to the Nation, Trump had called on Tuesday evening, the situation on the southern border to Mexico as a “humanitarian crisis”. In social media, to be referred to Church representatives and religious communities this presentation as a “dishonest and sensitive.”

Bishop does not want to give Church land for construction free

rooted in The speech of the President was once again “in untruths, fear and division,” said the “Barmherzigen Schwestern”. “Make no mistake: There is a humanitarian crisis on the border, but it is one of the Trump-Administration caused.”

“we Are not in a position to protect both the Weak as well as at the same time threats to repel?”, Bishop Daniel Flores asked from the Texas border city of Brownsville. He resists it, Church land for the construction of the wall. Congress and the administration should focus on ending the causes of Flight of people from Central America, instead of building a wall, said the Executive Director of the “Center for Migration Studies”, Donald Kerwin.