Peter Navarro in Rage Trumps trading advisors brings to the all-round strike against China ausDas Coronavirus had been created, “probably, in this weapons lab in Wuhan,” said a Confidant of the US President in a TV Interview. The tensions between the two great powers to take back.51 Kommentare51Spannungen between the United States and China to take re: trade consultant Peter Navarro exerts sharp criticism of China.Photo: Reuters/Leah Millis

The trading Advisor of the US President, Donald Trump, Peter Navarro, has in the Corona-crisis to strike against China is catching up. China did not create the Coronavirus in November, “probably in this weapons lab in Wuhan,” he said on Thursday the broadcaster Fox News.

Then have hidden the Land of the Virus “for two months behind the protective shield of the world health organization,” protection of equipment from all over the world, “absorbed”, and “hoarded”, people killed, and eventually Profit from the crisis hit, said Navarro. “Now hackers of the Chinese government are trying to steal information about the vaccination so that you can restore them first.”

scientists do not believe in laboratory-theory

The relationship between Washington and Beijing is already tense – Navarro tightened up the sound with the concentrated charge at the allegations on Thursday. He had accused China already a few days ago to have the Virus “most likely” in a laboratory for bio-weapons created by.

Also, a Dossier of the “Five Eyes” – called intelligence Alliance of the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and new Zealand documented according to the media, the cover-up by Chinese authorities and has on risky research work in a laboratory in Wuhan, where the new Coronavirus had appeared in December for the first time.

scientists think, however, it is far more likely that Sars is CoV-2 natural origin and from animals to humans has been transferred.

Trump: “don’t Want to talk at the Moment mi Xi”

the growing tensions between The US and China are now also for communication problems at the highest level.

U.S. President Donald Trump said in a Thursday televised Interview with the television channel Fox Business, he has a good relationship with the Chinese President Xi Jinping, “but at the Moment I don’t want to talk to him”. Trump complained in General about Beijing: “I’m very disappointed in China.”

Again, he threw the Chinese, they would not have stopped the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic at the source and thereby enormous damage. “It was either stupidity, incompetence or it was intentional.”

rupture of relations, according to the Trump possible

Trump said in a Thursday televised Interview with the television channel Fox even a crash of the relationships in the room. “We can do many things,” Trump said on the question of what he thought of the proposal to refuse Chinese students for certain courses for a visa in the United States. “We can also terminate the entire relationship,” said Trump. “And what would happen then? We would save 500 billion dollars.” He had referred to this sum, which corresponds to the extent of Chinese exports to the US, repeated as “lost money”.

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