It is always amazing how the American President Donald Trump to treat with the allies. In the long history of Nato, it is happened, probably never, that a member country threatens the other with the “economic destruction”. If anything, it has directed threats in the Western Alliance so far, the only common opponent.

The costs

The process is easy to see through: His cause is a serious strategic error, the Trump thought, with its opaque and uncoordinated withdrawal policy, Syria has committed. To prevent, however, that the Turkey fills in the power vacuum, the Trump is to leave in the Kurdish regions, inevitably, he tries to push up the cost for the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

But the Episode also says a lot about the state of the Nato, which will celebrate this year their seventy years of Existence. The spirit of solidarity, has carried the Alliance through the Cold war and the stakes of the past few years, is gone. The German defence policy must respond.