Donald Trump is adamant. The American President promised his followers a wall on the border with Mexico – and he’s fighting with all the means to they can also build. For 22 days, parts of the government stand still in the United States, therefore, the “Shutdown” is the longest in the history of the country. On Thursday, the Trump travelled to the border to Texas. Prior to that, he threatened again to impose a national emergency should not grant the Democrats the money for the wall.

More than five billion dollars required to Trump the Congress – but what exactly is he up to actually? And what locking systems are on the border already? Important questions and answers in the Overview:

As the border protection currently?

Approximately 1130 kilometres of the 3144-Kilometer-long southern border with Mexico are already secured with fences or other barriers. Some of these barriers abruptly. The first barriers built by customs and border protection in the 1990s, under the then-democratic President Bill Clinton. His successor, Republican George W. Bush and Democrat Barack Obama, made the border continue to expand.

In some areas, double barriers, in the other, only to stop cars. The customs and border protection at the southern border, according to the latest Figures, around 16,600 employees. The Border Patrol Agents patrol on ATVs, in Jeeps and in some areas even to the horse. Drones to monitor the air space.

What Trump’s up to, exactly?

for a Long time the Republican has said that he wants to make a 1600-kilometre-long wall of concrete to build. At the border, near the Californian city of San Diego, eight prototypes, including several from the concrete to stand for more than a year. They were built for test purposes, critics say that their Use is questionable. Anyway, Trump seemed to be in the last days of concrete moved away; he now speaks a barrier much about a Steel. On Thursday, he announced that his government is looking at several variants.

The Department of homeland security has stated that it intends to establish more than 531 km of new barriers, should be approved by Trump required $ 5.7 billion from the Congress. These barriers would be to representation of the Ministry in areas that have for the border guards of the “highest priority”.

Trump has always claimed that parts of the wall would true built?

Since trump took office, no new sections were built. It is the only existing barriers have been repaired or replaced – for example, in California. As an Overview of Department of homeland security, has provided to the Congress in the budget years 2017 and 2018 of money for a range of around 200 kilometers. In the law, the funding approved, it is explicitly prescribed that only proven designs should be used to Trumps are eight wall prototypes.