Announcement – Trump wants injunction against Twitter vorgehenUS-President Donald Trump is upset after a fact check of his Tweets, and has announced a reaction.0 comment Twitter has its Tweet with a Link: U.S. President Donald Trump. (Archive image)KEYSTONE/Oliver ContrerasDer short message service in response to a Tweet by the President on the subject of postal voting.KEYSTONE/Justin LaneDer short message service is not repeatedly come under criticism, because he is going against false, misleading, or offensive Tweets Trumps.KEYSTONE1 / 8

After the annoyance of Donald Trump over the short message service Twitter, the White house has announced a disposal of the US President to social media. A spokeswoman for the White house said on Wednesday night at Trumps return flight from Cape Canaveral, according to fellow journalists, Trump will sign this Thursday a decree to social media. Details were not initially known. Trump had previously threatened to regulate social media or to close entirely, because you expressed conservative votes.

it remained Unclear on what legal basis the government could undertake such regulation. The background is that the short subject Twitter Trumps preferred platform on Wednesday for the first time, a Tweet from the President a fact check. Trump had claimed in his Twitter message that postal voting electoral fraud feed bar, what is the facts check, filed as misleading. Trump accused Twitter then, in the US presidential election in November, to interfere.

The U.S. President, more than 80 million people – over many years, built up an audience, he can’t quickly transfer to another service to follow on Twitter. The short message service has repeatedly been accused of, not against false, misleading, or offensive Tweets Trumps action. The last caused a criticism that Trump is fueling on Twitter with a conspiracy theory about a supposed murder, even though the widower of the victim asks earnestly, therefore, to.

Trump wanted to attend on Wednesday in Cape Canaveral, the first manned flight test of a U.S. space capsule for nearly nine years. Due to bad weather the Start was moved to Saturday.

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