Coronavirus and the election campaign in the USA – Trump, the man without a MaskeDer US President is touring through the USA, and speaks of the many he wants to live in the pandemic already have saved. What is it about him, especially his re-election. Hubert Wetzel from Washington62 Kommentare62Zuerst improvised talk, now factory visits: U.S. President Donald Trump. Photo: Jonathan Ernst (Reuters)

Donald Trump is back in front of the door. For weeks he sat, because of the Corona virus in the White house, but now his travel calendar is filled up again. A few days ago the President of the U.S. in Arizona, was making a visit to a factory, the protective masks. Last week, he traveled to Pennsylvania and looked at the bearings for medical equipment. And this Thursday Donald Trump is expected in Michigan, in a factory Ford, in the place of cars currently, ventilators are assembled.

The appointments are intended to show the Americans: The President leads the fight against the Coronavirus. However, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Michigan belong also happened to be one of those States that will be in the presidential election in November is particularly important. In 2016, Trump has won in all three States, and this year he needs to create there is also at least one or two victories in order to remain President. The Problem: In the polls at this time scarce, sometimes less-leads – just – the Democrat Joe Biden. Would be this Sunday election, would Donald Trump lose well.


The factory visits of the President, therefore, serve less the purpose, to see whether the country has enough Material to fight the Virus and defeat. In truth, there are campaign appearances, as it were Trumps daily press conferences in April. The President had to stop, however, because his improvised talk his survey of the values expressed, rather than increased.

With the new Format has changed the message, the Trump among the people brings. At the press conferences in the White house he was standing next to worried-looking Doctors, the Infected and the dead spake. Of which Trump won’t speak now – and to accuse, if, only, to China, to be for the many victims.

Rest in times of pandemic: A Few in the New York city borough of Queens. Photo: Andrew Kelly (Reuters)

Instead, Trump has declared the Virus is more or less defeated. By previous estimates, according to which up to two million Americans could die, be the so far, about 90’000 deaths, but it’s not a bad balance sheet, is his Argument. He had saved the life of “hundreds of thousands” praised be the Trump recently. “In every Generation, in every challenge, danger and threat to America, has done what had to be done,” he said. “Now it was our turn, and we won.”

Trump needs for the election campaign, an optimistic message, not to record unemployment and Depression sounds

At the same time, Trump tight to the side of the a rapid re-opening of the economy and of public life challenge. His medical advisers warn him not to open the country up to fast, because the pandemic in the United States were possibly curbed with difficulty, but still is not over. However, Trump needs for the election campaign in the summer and autumn, an optimistic message, which doesn’t sound like record unemployment and Depression. “ON OUR LAND!” he tweeted, therefore, on Monday.

Trump follows in order to his instinct. The President was inclined from the beginning of the pandemic to the threat posed by the Virus is more likely to under – than to overestimate. That the worst scenarios that have been said, the USA are not so far come true – except in New York City – has Trump confirmed in his view that, firstly, his crisis management was quite fabulous and, secondly, of the far-reaching standstill of the us economy more harm than the Virus, at least what relates to his re-election chances.

deep gap

The other Trump, with his new course simply his constituents. The majority of Americans is still of the view that protection against the Virus is more important than the quick revival of the economy. A recent survey by the magazine “Politico” shows that 56 percent of citizens have a fear of a pandemic, flare-up, only 34 percent think the economic crash was more dangerous. But party political differences are significant: In the case of Republicans, 55 percent of the followers are of the opinion that the economic situation was more threatening than the Virus. In contrast, 72 percent of the democratic voters make greater Concerns to public health.

This deep gap is shown in many surveys to the pandemic. In this respect, it is not surprising that Trump politicized the crisis – his voters, which he needs in November of every Individual, motivated the. That’s why the President is cheering every Time on Twitter when in democratically governed States, protests against curfews rain. So Trump fired, for example, the armed protesters in Michigan to the Parliament building and subsidiary and the democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer as the bully taunted. As the constitutional court rejected lock in Wisconsin, the local output tweeted Trump immediately his consent in the world. Also Michigan and Wisconsin are among the States that must win the Trump in the autumn and in which, currently, Biden leads.

Left-wing cowards wear masks

Sometimes Trumps big campaign strategy is reflected in very small things – for example, in the consistent refusal of the President to a Mouth guard. A piece of cloth, the doctors keep quite to be suitable, to reduce the risk of Infection, has become a political battle symbol: Left fear of rabbits wearing masks, the rights of patriots to renounce it.

In this category Trumps falls a strange admission that he is engaging in the protection against the Coronavirus, the Malaria drug hydroxychloroquine. Although there is no evidence that an infection let this prevent. On the contrary: Doctors warn of significant side effects. But in the right-conservative camp hydroxychloroquine is considered to be a kind of miracle cure that you want to talk to the Democrats for political reasons is bad. After all, Donald Trump has said so.

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