Melania Trump was not in the kitchen. Only told the President of the United States on Monday in Washington, he, Donald, thinking his wife could make a salad, along with Karen Pence, the wife of Vice President Mike. So is it these days with Trumps wall, because in America, the budget dispute rages on: as long as the Shutdown lasts, so long will the chefs stay at home, as long as the kitchen remains in the White house cold.

Christoph Becker

sports editor.

F. A. Z. Twitter

on the guest list announced the Football players of the Clemson University, last week, they had won the College championship against Alabama. Salad for a Football player? What? Little complex conjecture: Caesar’s salad. And nobody will scold you, Mr. President, send his wife in the kitchen. Even the Trump is, because, allegedly, it says in a newly published book about the everyday life in the presidential Weekend, based in Mar-a-Lago had asked the President once himself, “cursing like a truck driver” from home cooking, to give Trump what a real Caesar salad is, then the leaves are even plucked, and then the chef fired.

Before the appearance of the Clemson University Tigers, but suffered Trump another flash of inspiration: What’s better than a salad, he asked someone who is familiar with sports nutrition better than any diet scientists? Hamburger, decided by the President, a real American Hamburger. So he got at McDonald’s, Wendy’s and Burger King more than 1000 hamburgers to get that, he did not want to see, more than a mile stacks were “high,” Trump said in his speech. “Big Mac’s, quarter pounders, all what I like, what you like. I know that, no matter what we would be concerned, it may be easy for you nothing Better.“

For who in the world wanted to eat better than the President of the United States of America? The football player exposed the wall from hamburgers. Subsequently, the remaining waiter disposed of the packing of mountains of garbage.

And Trump turned his attention to his favorite medium. “Great types, good eaters” were the guests, he tweeted. “Vast amounts of Fast Food” would have destroyed the players “within an hour”. In the process, he paid “more than 1000 Hamberders, etc.” out of his own pocket. Whether Trump so that passer-by the still existing trophologischen certainties has put the fitness industry in force, we will ask at the next opportunity, the chef of the Hamberder SV.