Trump attacked The Haag – Switzerland criticised U.S. sanctions against the world gerichtshofdie United States have made against employees of the criminal court in the Hague, The sanctions involved in alleged U.S. war crimes in Afghanistan. Now the EDA has responded. 0 Comment after Switzerland’s view, the sanctions against the International criminal court immediately undo: U.S. President Donald Trump. (Archive image)KEYSTONE

Switzerland US has criticized sanctions against the International criminal court (ICC) sharp. The Department of foreign Affairs called on the government of U.S. President Donald Trump, and measures such as visa restrictions and economic sanctions against ICC people’s.

The Switzerland show concern and regret for the stricter measures, which would have decided the United States on Thursday against the court, informed the Federal Department of foreign Affairs (DFA) on Friday. This reaffirmed its support for the ICC. The court is an independent Institution, the educational the most serious crimes and contributing to peace and stability.

The Trump government decided on Thursday for stricter measures against the International criminal court. The US President was authorized by the adoption of a crackdown on members of the Tribunal dealing with alleged US war crimes in Afghanistan. So that their assets can be frozen values in the United States and denied entry. The measures could also be applied to the family members of the employees extended.

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Switzerland agreed with your criticism in the call of the President of the Assembly of ICC States parties from the day before. The International criminal court was a significant achievement and an integral part of a rule-based international order, it was said. He was the result of decades of efforts to prosecute the most serious crimes, and to give the Victims justice. This is the basic requirement for a sustainable peacekeeping and international stability.

The International criminal court based in The Hague (NL), was created in 1998. He is supported by 123 countries, including Switzerland. The ICC conducts trials of individuals accused of very serious crimes such as genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and crimes of Aggression are accused of. The primary responsibility for law enforcement lies with the national authorities.

The United States have recognized the court of justice of never. The recent escalation is the reaction to the fact that ICC chief Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda got in March for permission to study between 2003 and 2014 may have committed war crimes in Afghanistan.

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