Powder Room. WC. The toilet. Toilet. What is the space in which people, the waste of your food again, get rid of, a secret NAP, on the phone daddeln or spotty bag books with stupid jokes to read, for this purpose, each spinning a has a joyful taste judge is a bomb-proof opinion: something staksig, therefore, coming, the word toilet is stuffy? The toilet is about indelicate or relaxed?

As he has to look, but ideally this room should be, about people to make themselves little thought of the week about catalogues with Japanese knives breed. The toilet is in these days the new Drama Queen of the house, a theme Park in miniature format: the walls like tar black, the Amber scented toilet paper as dark, ideal light for a night-time Film-assassination.

In elegant private homes is often a battery of black and white Chanel perfume bottles, brushed copper-colored water taps and liquid soap from Australia that cost as much as the ticket for a Symphony concert. In addition to tar-black temples-setters are in trends these days-painted chinoiserie playful cabinets, red lacquer caverns and pink Klosalons with hunting trophies and to see Scarlett O’hara-drapery.

Liselottes gallant Kackstuhl

The Locus as a status symbol and, Since then, antique-of the Roman grandeur latrine with marble seats and under-floor heating have catapulted the primacy of nerd-holes and rough thunder beams from the depths of the hygiene history in the Olympus of the Interior Designs that employ people on how to go with style to the bathroom or even a Event can make.

Liselotte of the Palatinate, the legendary German sister-in-law of the sun king, for the lively descriptions of the Versailles court, famous, wrote, in July, 1678, in a letter: “I know a Galand, which I will not name but I do want to, which goes with his mistress to’n Kackstuhl, and when one of his things has done, then the other sitting on it and entre tenieren each other in this way.”

Unfortunately, the brave, Liselotte writes of how the gallant Kackstuhl looked like and whether he was padded like the portable Privatklo of the English king William III. at Hampton Court, with pink Velvet. Board seat and a hole in the house Bay window or the hut in the yard is the Norm in cities in the fucking gutter were, at the time of the on the road.