An unexpected “money rain” of hundreds of thousands of dollars on the road has caused in the American state of New Jersey shortly before Christmas, a huge traffic chaos. In the case of a money Transporter, the doors, and two bags with $ 100 opened, for hitherto unknown reasons, Seem to have landed on a highway, as several media reported. The incident occurred in the middle of the rush hour traffic.

Many motorists stopped on both sides of the road immediately, regardless of passing by cars go to pick up the money. This led the police to several accidents. At the end of almost 300.00 dollars were missing on Friday (local time) from the two money bags, which contained, according to police, a total of 510.000 Dollar. Employee of the Money transport and some auxiliary a prepare drivers collected $ 205,000;. A further $ 11,000 were brought back the next day from citizens. Many kept their Fund.

“is missing, as yet, 293.535 dollars,” announced the police of the city of East Rutherford to the West of New York. The police warned: the money in this way to increase, amounts to theft. To the delivery of the money belonged to the responsible transport company.