The police Union (GdP) has demanded from officials that stand for elections for the AfD, a clear distancing from the right national wing of the Thuringian AfD Co-chairs Björn Höcke. All officials swear on the Constitution, said the GdP-Chairman Oliver Malchow, the editors ‘ network of Germany. This Eid becomes mandatory to adhere to rules.

“is not compatible with Doubt of the constitutional protection of the right to national ‘wings’ to Björn Höcke,” said Malchow. “I expect that any police officer, the commencement for the AfD, distant, clear of Höcke and its ‘wings’.”

“Extremist aspirations”

The Federal office for the protection of the Constitution (BfV) had classified the whole of the AfD on Tuesday as a test case. In the law, national Association “in The wings” to Höcke, and the AfD’s youth organisation Junge Alternative (JA) was the protection of the Constitution one step further: they are considered to be “extremist tendencies” and were declared to be suspected cases, which allows for a sharper observation. The BfV, it is possible that the national “wings” of the AfD has influenced the course of the entire party. It is to be feared that this flow with your “alleged unconstitutional action of trying to the whole party, the first success achieved”, – stated in the report of the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution (BfV) to the AfD, which is present the German press Agency in a statement.