TPMP: who is Anissa, the new columnist and daughter of a former reality TV candidate?


New face in the TPMP family. After several appearances as a guest, Anissa was present this Thursday, May 5 at the table of columnists in the show of Cyril Hanouna. Installed in the place of Kelly Vedovelli, absent for a few days, the young woman made a very remarkable intervention in front of the guest of the day, professor Didier Raoult, in Touche pas à mon poste.

Both from Marseille, the new columnist asked a surprising question to the scientist, who came in particular to react to the health crisis and the vaccination campaign in France. “Are you the one in the clip of the Algerino?” she asks naively, enough to arouse astonishment and hilarity among Baba’s band and the audience. Surprised by this question, Didier Raoult does not seem to know what to answer to his interlocutor. “I don’t know what to talk to you about.”

It was without counting on Greg Guillotin, also a guest on the show, who hastened to come to his rescue. “There is a lookalike, I think it’s a lookalike”, says the videographer and humorist, alluding to the famous clip of the Marseille collective 13 Organized, where we see a lookalike of Professor Raoult dealing chloroquine. “I was told that, it made me laugh a lot,” recalls the doctor and figure antivaccines. An unusual outing that did not fail to react on social networks.

This is not the first time that Anissa has been talked about on television. She was notably revealed in 2021 in the program Married at first sight on M6, where her mother Cécile was about to marry a stranger, in this case the tattooed quadra Alain. If the alchemy seemed to be there for the couple, the daughter of Cécile showed some reluctance in the face of this union. After the program, the couple finally divorced.

Like her mother, the 19-year-old young woman revealed that she had found love on the set of TPMP, formalizing her relationship with Melvin, discovered in And if we met on M6. “It’s been two months, it’s going very well. He’s not at all a charo or a little boy. In everyday life, he accompanies me everywhere, we’re together 24 hours a day. He sent me two messages on Instagram and I replied“, she admitted facing Cyril Hanouna.

Since this media passage, Anissa has gained popularity on social networks where she reveals herself more sensual than ever to her 18,000 subscribers. Here is an anthology of his canon photos through our slideshow.