Promise redeemed – Toyota makes Yaris Cross to the right SUV, bread-and-Butter cars will Be fitted with the additional name Cross, before driving you typically use only one kind of “war paint”. Not so the new Toyota Yaris Cross.Dieter Liechti2 Kommentare2Kein doubt: The just under 4.2 meters long Mini-SUV with a hybrid drive from Toyota is likely to be a success.Photo: Toyota under the “adventure”Outfit of the Yaris Cross a four-wheel drive is hidden surcharge. ToyotaDas reduced Cockpit fits to the Cross, from 2021 per year 150 000 cars in France are to be produced.Toyota1 / 3

Toyota completes its SUV range in 2021, especially for Europe, down from: In the optional all-wheel drive available, 4,18-Meter-long Yaris Cross it is a stand-alone model based on the Yaris, and not, as in the case of many competitors to a soft roader pimped small car with a few add-on parts. Even the small Japanese drives square wheel-arches with dark plastic framing, black side sill appliqués and an indicated underride walk protection, but the SUV variant has three inches more ground clearance than the Yaris, and can be ordered with all-wheel drive.

The so-called AWD-i, the well-known four-wheel drive offers advantages such as better traction and stability, especially in difficult conditions such as rain, mud or snow. As the electrical System, it is more compact and lighter than mechanical all-wheel drive systems, which helps the Yaris crosstrek Hybrid AWD-i is to lower the consumption and emission values than other all-wheel drive SUV B-segment.

of Course, with a hybrid drive

“today’s urban its are peculiarities of life,” white Toyota, and promises: “When it comes to driving a car, estimates become increasingly more robust, higher-set SUV – but in a Dimension that fits into the urban environment, and with environment-friendly properties.” For these features, Toyota has equipped the adventure Yaris is the fourth Generation of the Toyota hybrid technology. Its heart is a 1.5-litre three-cylinder petrol engine, which is designed for maximum efficiency and system performance of 116 HP developed.

thanks to the short body overhangs front and rear and a coupé-like beveled rear end of the Yaris Cross looks sporty and well-proportioned. The Front shape wide openings in the edge-reaching headlights with LED technology and multiple air. Inside, the Yaris offers Cross a tidy workplace, with a large Infotainment touch screen in the dashboard, mid, classic circular instruments in the Cockpit, a three-spoke steering wheel with various control buttons, as well as ambient light.

Toyota expects to manufacture in the factory in Onnaing near Valenciennes, more than 150’000 Yaris Cross in the year and thus to achieve in the B-SUV Segment with a market share of about 8 percent.

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