The All Saints holidays are approaching. On Friday, October 21, 2022, schoolchildren across France will take two weeks off. A period which, for many families, is an opportunity to rest for a few days, as evidenced by the Abritel seasonal rental platform in its latest study* carried out by One Poll. “30% of French people have already booked to leave this fall or plan to do so and 50% are thinking about it without specific plans”, notes the survey.

Questioned by Planet, Xavier Rousselou, spokesperson for Abritel, notes that French searches for All Saints have returned to pre-pandemic levels and are up 25% compared to 2021. “The All Saints holidays are a break between the start of the school year and the Christmas holidays. It’s an opportunity to get some fresh air, get together with family, spend time together and rest”, explains the expert.

While inflation is eating more and more of the wallets of French households, the All Saints’ Day holidays are an opportunity to leave at low prices. “Prices, especially for a week’s holiday, are around 40% lower in autumn than in summer”, confirms Xavier Rousselou.

In addition, 35% of holidaymakers say they are prepared to leave for less time than usual and 34% are looking for cheaper accommodation. If the French make concessions to escape for a few days, there is no question of giving up on holidays: “There can be adjustments because the desire to leave remains very strong, holidays are markers in everyone’s life , the idea is to leave despite everything, even if it means adjusting your behavior”, concludes the spokesperson.

*Online survey conducted by One Poll with 2,000 respondents from France – all had already traveled at least once in France or abroad. The field took place from September 13 to 14, 2022.