Big cities are on the rise again. In previous years, with the confinements and restrictions linked to Covid-19, the French preferred to travel more within the country or to discover quieter areas, far from the effervescence of the metropolises. For 2023, this trend is making a comeback and tourists are targeting major cultural and tourist capitals around the world.

“Since 2019, travelers have had to adapt to new normals every year. Today, we are witnessing a craze for large cultural cities, alternative wellness stays, and a growth in demand for holidays in destinations other than the sea and the mountains. In short, this is not a new normality but the appearance of original trends to free ourselves from constraints. This is the great revival.”, declared Jon Gieselman, president of brands for Expedia Group.

At the same time, French holidaymakers are also planning to travel to lesser known and more unexpected places. “These French destinations to follow in 2023 have in common to be located in the interior of the country, far from the coasts, and to be at a reasonable distance from major urban centers”, underlines a press release from the Expedia group. For several French departments, demand on Abritel has thus increased by 60% on average:

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