Study of CS – tourism in the Swiss cities of a pandemic on the most affected nThe large cities will suffer this summer under massive the lack of foreign tourists, in particular by the failure of many of the Asian travelers. Could benefit the mountain hotels.0 KommentareDie Coronavirus pandemic will hit the tourism in the major Swiss cities the hardest. This emerges from a study of Credit Suisse. (Icon image)photo: Keystone

The Coronavirus pandemic will hit the tourism in the Swiss cities, the hardest. This emerges from a study of Credit Suisse. The mountain hotels are expected to benefit from the domestic guests.

With the next locker at the 8. June could be the tourism in Switzerland again. As global travel are limited, still strong, will need to continue to waive foreign guests, said Credit Suisse on Friday published study.

Collected by Swiss tourists which spend their holidays now, also mainly in the domestic market. The battle for domestic tourists was opened, wrote study author Alexander Lohse. The question is now, for which regions the guests would choose.

A look into the past will show that the Swiss guests would have preferred to stay in the mountain regions, was the name of it. Less focus on the big cities of Basel, Bern and Geneva were. An exception is the Region of Zurich is, but usually, major events and business benefit, which would take place this summer, only to cut back on travel.

Asians are missing

According to Lohse, the big cities would be suffering this summer, solid under the absence of foreign tourists. The regions of Lucerne/lake Lucerne and the Bernese Oberland have to lament the failure of many Asian travellers.

the Better the Outlook for the tourism areas in the mountain regions of the Grisons, the Valais, or the Eastern Switzerland and Ticino. These were less of foreign guests and would be this summer, probably even more in the focus of domestic travellers.

Just in the mountain regions, accordingly, the lack of income for the foreign guests could be at least partially compensated. This will be mainly in the Swiss holiday times. Outside of the Swiss holidays the workload is going to decrease and competition to increase.

Higher risk of Bankruptcy

in particular, smaller companies with lower liquidity are exposed to an increased risk of Bankruptcy. Improvement is in the winter months in sight. On the one hand, are likely to be up to the travel restrictions somewhat relaxed, on the other hand, the tourism industry in the Winter is less dependent on the foreign guests.

the consequences of The corona crisis on the tourism already appeared in the March, as restrictions at home and abroad have been imposed. The Nights fell, according to the Federal statistical office (FSO) in comparison to the previous year to 62

per cent. According to the CS, the image could be in April and may, even darker. The hospitality industry expect in these months, with a utilization rate of only 8 or 9 percent, it said.


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