The whole world was last year in the wake of the Thai players and their coach, four miles below the earth, trapped in a cave. There was an international rescue operation is set up to make the team out of the flooded cave system to survive. The touching story was made into a feature film and Saturday’s premiere at the Busan International Film festival in South Korea. As the creators explained in the beginning of september, with a tip of the iceberg, with a spectacular trailer.

The Cavevertelt the thrill-a-minute story of the feverish search for the football players and their coach. Of the twelve players were gone in the Tham Luang cave is in the northern part of the kingdom of Thailand. This was not the first time as an initiation of sorts, they wrote the names of the new players are at a distant wall of the room. However, in the beginning of the rainy season it all went wrong.Going downhill, it ran the system very rapidly under the water. The team was able to not have to turn it on, and it would take eighteen days later, again in the daylight to see it.

Shortly after their rescue came in the battle for the film rights to the haunting story. The government decided that all applications for a special approval had to be given. The Irish-Thai director Tom Waller was given, with a modest budget and authorization to take the story to the big screen, to bring up. But that hasn’t always been an easy one, because the government is in control of the story and the film is maintained. “I had only one day to get into the cave to shoot a video”, you hear the sound of it. For the boys, or their parents, if he does not meet them.

finally, The government reported, meanwhile, also has a lucrative contract with Netflix for a mini-series about the boys, under the direction of the director of the Hollywood movie ” Crazy, Rich Asians. There would be the grotjongens ” all about 78.000 euro for it from Netflix. It is not known how much of the government’s opstrijkt.

The Cavegaat Saturday, will have its premiere on hetBusan International Film festival in South Korea. The main part of the exciting picture has been reserved for our countryman, Jim Warny. The Belgian took the coach to the outside, but is very modest about his part in the actual rescue operation. “It was a lot harder to get in front of the camera, to stand in the cave to dig into,” said Warny.