Top games at 20.30 – Six English weeks – and Basel-YB on Saturday to PrimetimeDie League has released the game plan until the end of the season. The program is crowded, as expected, tight and kick-off times for the part unusual.Moritz Marthaler0 comment viewer is it doesn’t have any, but Basel against YB will also be in the intensive Swiss football summer will probably be the game with the greatest attention.Image: Alessandro Della Valle (Keystone)

It’s happening again – and how. After the Federal Council had already given the green light, have last Friday, the Clubs in the Super and Challenge League for a Re-Start of the championship on may 19. June pronounced.

Now, the Swiss Football League (SFL) has scheduled the matches. It’s a very dense program with six weeks in a row. The are 13 games in one and a half months. 130 games include the 13 game days in the Super League and Challenge League, distributed on almost every single day of the week – only on Monday there’s no football to see.

YB-Zurich at the start in Free TV

The last two rounds in the Super League are played at the same time and in the evening, otherwise the matches of a round are as usual over two days. Tele-club transfers as the main owner of the rights to all the games, the opening match between YB and Zurich will be shown on the free-to-air channel “Teleclub Zoom” to. SRF transfers continue to be a Live game from the Super League per round.

The two Saturday games and the games of the week on Wednesday to start in the future, offset, a, at 18.15, the other at 20.30. The three games on Sunday are to be held as usual at 16.00.

Basel and YB meeting on Saturday, the 11. July at 20.30 to each other, as before, the Young Boys receive also the current Leader of St. Gallen in the last match in Bern on may 2. August.

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